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Washing Your Kids’ Clothes


They go into the washer dirty and look totally clean when you put them into the dryer, so how is it possible that when you then pull them out, you find them ruined by a constellation of dark, blotchy stains that appeared from out of nowhere? Those blotches are actually oil-based stains—the remnants of last Friday’s pizza dinner, for instance. From now on, Gagliardi recommends, pretreat oil-based stains with a tiny amount of liquid dishwashing detergent. “The superconcentrated grease-cutting surfactants work well on these types of stains,” she says. Boorstein suggests washing these items in a mesh bag, so you know exactly which items should be air-dried. Another tip: If it’s a special item—say, his holiday button down—take it to the dry cleaners; the solvents used can cut through tough oil stains. To get a better price (these are your kids’ clothes, after all), tell your cleaner that the items don’t need to be pressed.

source:  7 Ways You’re Doing Laundry Wrong

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Scholastic & Usher Open a World of Possible

Scholastic’s mission is built on helping children learn to read and love to read. Finding the right book at the right time can
light an emotional spark within children that motivates them to read more, understand more, and read joyfully.

When that happens, the world opens. Everything becomes possible.

Scholastic is partnering with global entertainment icon Usher, an advocate for youth education, for a live webcast that will inspire children to share the joy of reading and learn how they can help open a world of possible through reading.


to view the webcast with your children on
Thursday, November 6th, 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT
Recommended for grades 3+Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 7.51.18 PM

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The 9-11 anniversary: helping a child through


David J. Schonfeld, director of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement, who also served on the National Commission on Children and Disasters, has worked extensively with schools on crisis response and grief support, including on how to react to the World Trade Center attacks. He shared with me his thoughts on communicating with children on the 9/11 anniversary and also offered a few concrete tips for parents.

(Gary Hershorn – Reuters)

“Anniversaries, especially when associated with media coverage, often resurface feelings related to a difficult event such as 9/11. Parents and friends can offer support by helping children anticipate this reaction, advise them on how to limit or handle grief triggers (which might include limiting exposure to media coverage of the event) and offering additional physical presence and emotional support around the time of the anniversary,” he said.

“Adults also need to realize that children may have very different fears and concerns than adults — one cannot really address someone else’s concerns unless they know what they are, so initiating a discussion and listening to children’s unique concerns and needs is critical to provide appropriate support.”


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We came we saw we conquered! Sesame Place!


This weekend we went to Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA.  The drive from NYC to PA is not bad (1 1/2 hour).  Anyone planning to go to the park here are a couple of things I noted…

  1. Twilight Fee-  You can enter the park for 39.99 after 3 pm.
  2. 10 dollar store-  There is a store that sells souvenirs for 10 dollars and less.
  3. The Parade-  If you want to see the parade make sure you line up along the walk way early.
  4. Parking-  VIP parking for 30 bucks is not worth it, come on you can walk to the entrance 🙂
  5. Food-  Naturally park food is expensive.  Bring your own and pack it in the stroller.

All in all we had a great time.  The park is not that big so you won’t be exhausted.  The best area that will wear your kids out and ensure a good night’s sleep is the “lazy river.”

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How to Get More Help and Housework from Hubby

Admit it! We’ve all been there where we wonder “why am I doing everything?” Well Laura Doyle, author of “The Surrendered Wife” has a solution to your problems.

Dear Laura,
I am the only breadwinner at my house. I desperately want to respect my husband, but I have a VERY hard time not resenting that I have to work to earn all the money and that I end up doing all the housework too. He watches the children, which is a lot, but every so often I get exhausted and lose it. How can I get my husband to clean up more so I don’t get so stressed?
– Pooped Professional

Dear Pooped,
I remember how stressful it was when I was the only breadwinner at our house. At the time, I was so “helpful” with pointing out things he hadn’t done (while overlooking the things that he had) that my husband, John, felt he couldn’t do anything right. As a result, he barely did anything, which made him feel useless and depressed. And it made me crazy because I felt lonely and overwhelmed with all the responsibility.
Everybody was miserable–and no wonder. Neither of us was playing to our strengths.

Like all husbands, my husband wants to make me happy. But I was so controlling he saw no opportunity to please me or take care of me. I forgot to acknowledge my feminine spirit by saying, “I can’t” when I was overwhelmed. Instead, I’d suck up my resentment as long as I could and then blow my lid in a very undignified way every so often.

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About Laura:

Over a decade ago, the press said that New York Times best-selling author and relationship expert Laura Doyle was starting “a movement–the genuine kind, the kind with social implications, the kind that change us forever.” Today the social revolution Laura started has spread through over 15 languages to 26 countries as women of all ages have discovered her extraordinary tools for creating intimate, passionate, peaceful relationships.

You’ve seen Laura on The CBS Evening News, Dateline NBC, The Today Show, Fox, BET, The Early Show and The View, and in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The London Telegraph, People Magazine, Time Magazine and Newsweek. Her methods of transforming unhappy marriages into passionate unions and helping single women attract the love that had previously eluded them are legendary.

As one of the top relationship experts and speakers in the world, her authentic, powerful, and personal presentations inspire and make a difference not just to her audiences but also to their loved ones. In her popular workshops and life-changing retreats she reveals poignant experiences from her own 22-year marriage. The Los Angeles Times writes that wives who adopt her method “swear by its effectiveness in relieving marital discord and their inability to cope with the pressures of trying to be superwomen.” World-renowned relationship expert Dr. John Gray enthusiastically endorses Laura’s work as “practical and valuable.”

Laura lives near Los Angeles, with her hilarious husband, John Doyle, who has been dressing himself since before she was born. Currently, she is writing her fourth book, developing media projects in the U.S. and Europe, and expanding her training organization for women who teach her methods worldwide.