You may have heard the news: Having children is expensive, one of the most expensive things you can ever do, with charges up to $100 worth of frivolous things most families purchase every month alone—the things you have to buy last minute, only because what you thought was with you was actually left at home, at the park or hiding under your passenger’s car seat, and your chances of finding it are statistically not worth contemplating when you’re dodging cars like bullets trying to get the kids to school.

This is just one of the many reasons why the father of a newborn and toddler, Sean Percival, decided to create Wittlebee, a new e-commerce company strictly that puts clothing for newborns to preschoolers on auto-pilot for parents. For any family on a financial budget or just on a budget for time, Wittlebee is one of the only companies that’s mastering both tasks like it’s a walk in the park.

Since it’s official launch a few months ago, the LA based team of Mom stylists and budget experts with an eye for quality clothing are working out Culver City and shipping thousands of families monthly boxes of clothes tailored to fit each individual child’s needs; parents sign up online and answer style questions about their kids, including their age, size, style preferences, weather where they live, and even their personality. Wittlebee has key differentiators like “Is she a Diva, Hippy Chic, or the Princess type?”

We were recently provided with the opportunity to review a box for the “Preppy” baby and cannot stop raving over the cute items we received. The preppy box features collared shirts, khaki pants, plaids, clean lines, and comfy fits, which can be done for both girls and boys. For 39.99 a month the selection of clothing you receive is well worth it. Every box contains clothes worth over $100 in retail value!

Our box had clothing from Hanna Barbara, Luca Charles, Kenneth Cole and other high end stores. The selections were definitely tailored to the criteria we selected and we could not be more pleased. Also, the quality of the items are very good and sturdy. The box consisted of 6 tops and two pairs of shorts (see pic on the right). One of the other raves about this particular monthly box service is the fact that your child will have items to wear that are not the typical cookie cutter clothes that every other child is wearing, which is awesome!!!

Our favorite item in the box, if we had to pick one is the Hanna Barbera Bam Bam t-shirt, too cute! This is a definite must have for the mom who is on the go and does not have the time to go shopping for her little one. It is also a great baby shower gift for the mom to be.

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