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Product Review: H&M Baby Clothes

H&M Baby_boy_4m-2y

I’m too obsessed with getting clothes for Baby Ryan.  My go-to places for baby clothes are Target and Wittlebee, but my absolute favorite is H&M.  I remember when H&M opened up in the city and they did not have a children’s line, their focus was on women’s clothing.  But then again I didnt have a child back then lol.  I truly believe they give The Gap, and Old Navy a run for the money.  Their outfits are more stylish and not the cookie cutter molded looks where everyone knows that you got it from one particular store.  They are also very durable for the price.

Usually in April they give you 20% off if you donate gently worn children’s clothes.



2 thoughts on “Product Review: H&M Baby Clothes

  1. Hi there! I’m about to make an H&M purchase for my little guy, who is nearly 4 mo old but on the larger side for height/weight (27″, 17.5 lbs). Can you comment on how sizing runs? I’ve read it runs quite large through 6-9 mo, then is true-to-size at 12 mo. 9-12 wasn’t mentioned….! Trying to guesstimate an outfit to be worn 8 mo from now….not an easy game to play! Thx in advance for your advice!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I found the sizing to run slightly on the larger size even after 12 months. My son is now 2 and can still fit some of the 1 1/2 – 2 sizes especially in the pants. When he was an infant the sizes that were suppose to be for his age range didnt properly fit him for a couple of month after I purchased them. Hope this helps.

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