Hi, I’m Tahesha. Since 2011, my blog, nybabymind.wordpress.com, has helped parents save big bucks on baby stuff. Being a full time working mom and wife always has me on the go!  Living in NYC every penny counts and there are ways to find quality gear, food and items for your little one that won’t leave you broke.


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  1. Hi Tahesha,
    When you’re a mom-to-be, you are filled with excitement and spend much of your day dreaming about what your new baby holds in store for you. You can’t wait to play with, bathe, dress and sing to your bundle of joy. What’s definitely not on your list? Having someone else tell you how to dress said bundle. That and running across town to every department store returning sweaters with lamb appliqués on them.

    Enter Wittlebee, the hottest gift to give a at a baby shower, and here’s why. For $39.99 a month, a Wittlebee membership gives a new mom access to a team of stylists who can tailor a box of 8 items specially curated to her taste. In addition, while a sleep-deprived new mom is trying to figure out her baby’s naps and feedings, she doesn’t have to worry about shopping, as Wittlebee puts her baby’s clothing essentials on personalized auto-pilot. She can pause the service at any time, allowing her to keep pace with her baby’s growth and need for new clothes.

    And for a mom who doesn’t know her baby’s gender, how cool will it be for her to call Wittlebee for the first time and tell her stylist how she wants to dress her baby girl instead of putting her in another yellow and green neutral outfit from her Aunt Suzie?

    Any interest in hearing more? We thought this could inspire a post or a story about great ideas for shower gifts. If you are interested, we’re happy to share some other unique ideas so you can offer your readers a variety.


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