School Supplies for Preschool and Kindergarten


What’s the smart way to shop for school supplies? Eliminate the guesswork by getting a list from your child’s teacher ahead of time or waiting until school starts to find out what’s actually required. The teacher may recommend specific brands, sizes, or quantities, but even if the list isn’t available, you can still take advantage of back-to-school sales.

Sample School Supplies for Preschool and Kindergarten

#2 Pencils
Pencil Box
Hand Held Pencil Sharpener with 2 Sizes of Holes
5 inch Blunt Tip Scissors
Glue Stick
4 oz. Glue
Crayon Sharpener
Colored Pencils
Watercolor Paint
Antibacterial Soap Hand Sanitizer

25 Words All Toddlers Should Know By Age 2

Below are words by that most children include in their early vocabularies.  If a parent is too busy to do this physically, you can also turn to technology for help. For example, touch based devices such as the iPad are let toddlers know new words on their own. The apps are typically designed to be engaging so your child actually enjoys the learning process.  Happy Learning!!!

  1. all gone
  2. baby
  3. ball
  4. banana
  5. bath
  6. bye bye
  7. book
  8. car
  9. cat
  10. cookie
  11. daddy
  12. dog
  13. eye
  14. hat
  15. hello/hi
  16. hot
  17. juice
  18. milk
  19. mommy
  20. more
  21. no
  22. nose
  23. shoe
  24. thank you
  25. yes

Father’s Day fun for kids and dad!




Battroborg, the award-winning motion-controlled battling robots game from TOMY that paved the way for a new generation of battling is on SALE NOW! With Father’s Day just a just over a week away and graduations happening as we speak, I was hoping you would consider Battroborg as a great gift idea for an upcoming post. The first robotics toy of its kind, Battroborg uses advanced motion-control technology to bring you the rush and grit of true in-your-face combat action. Whether you’re a brawler, a glass jaw or a southpaw, Battroborg promises pure excitement, ultimate battling action and knock-out fun!


Toddlers’ Daily Meal Guide


Confused about your toddlers diet? the following guide shows you how many servings of different food groups your toddler needs along with snacking suggestions. Remember this is just a guide – some kids will eat more or less depending on their individual needs.

Age: 2-3 years
Calories: 1000
Milk/dairy (cups) 2
Lean meat/beans (oz) 2
Fruits (cups) 1
Veggies (cups) 1
Grains 3
Oils (g) 14
Discretionary Calories: 154

Adapted from American Dietetic Association Position – 2-11 years old

Balanced, Snack Ideas:
-Whole wheat crackers with cheese
-Whole wheat pita with hummus
-Yogurt and fruit
-Veggies dipped in dip (ranch dressing or hummus)
-1/2 sandwich
-Cookies and milk
-Apple slices with peanut butter
-Dry roasted almonds with yogurt
-Fruit and yogurt smoothies
-Frozen yogurt topped with berries
-Whole grain cereal and milk
-Whole grain bar with milk
-Banana with peanut butter

Movie Review: Maleficent

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.36.51 AM


Last night we went to the pre-screen showing of Maleficent at the Union Square theater on 14th street.  I loved it!!!!!  Angelina Jolie was wickedly good.  Elle Fanning was magically enticing as well.  It was nice to see her daughter play a toddler Aurora and you also got a glimpse of Zara Jolie in one of the scenes as well.  I don’t think this movie is suitable for younger children because of the darkness and violence but it is great for preteens and teens.


Disney just announced the release of MALEFICENT: The Official Multi-Touch Book, based on Disney’s highly anticipated film MALEFICENT, which is rated PG and opens in theaters everywhere this Friday, May 30th! The book, offered for free exclusively through iBooks, explores both the legacy of Disney’s classic animated film, “Sleeping Beauty”—which first introduced the iconic villainess Maleficent—and the making of the all-new live-action film, MALEFICENT, starring Angelina Jolie.


Download book here:

View the book’s trailer: