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Toddlers’ Daily Meal Guide


Confused about your toddlers diet? the following guide shows you how many servings of different food groups your toddler needs along with snacking suggestions. Remember this is just a guide – some kids will eat more or less depending on their individual needs.

Age: 2-3 years
Calories: 1000
Milk/dairy (cups) 2
Lean meat/beans (oz) 2
Fruits (cups) 1
Veggies (cups) 1
Grains 3
Oils (g) 14
Discretionary Calories: 154

Adapted from American Dietetic Association Position – 2-11 years old

Balanced, Snack Ideas:
-Whole wheat crackers with cheese
-Whole wheat pita with hummus
-Yogurt and fruit
-Veggies dipped in dip (ranch dressing or hummus)
-1/2 sandwich
-Cookies and milk
-Apple slices with peanut butter
-Dry roasted almonds with yogurt
-Fruit and yogurt smoothies
-Frozen yogurt topped with berries
-Whole grain cereal and milk
-Whole grain bar with milk
-Banana with peanut butter


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