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It’s a New Year…Now What?!?!

I am so happy the holiday season is DONE!  I enjoyed spending two weeks at home with my son and husband but now its back to work, paying bills and school!  Anywhooo…. I am on my 52 week money challenge again.  Take a look.

You can save almost $1,400 this year with the 52-week money challenge.

The concept is simple. Each week, you deposit the number of that week of the year into a savings plan. For example, the first week of 2014, you would deposit $1; the second week, $2; and so on and so on. By the end of the year, you will have saved close to $1,400.

Download: 52-Week Money Challenge Chart

Financial experts advise people to save six months to a year of their annual income. Saving that amount can be overwhelming for a lot of Americans who don’t by nature save money for the future. The 52-week savings plan is less intimidating and is fairly easy to do. Besides, everyone loves a challenge, right?52-week-savings-plan


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