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Andre Agassi’s Box Budd!es


Proceeds to Benefit Andre Agassi Foundation for Education.

Andre Agassi’s Box Budd!es are a line of lunch box products and snacks created with kids and parents in mind. The single-serving snacks include kid favorites like: chocolate, vanilla and regular milk, three varieties of string cheese, granola bars and apple sauce.

I was invited to attend one of the launches for his product line.  I was able to taste the various snacks.  They are all very tasty and not overly sweet but I was not the one this product had to impress.  I tried it on the official taste tester, my 2 year old son.  He loves it!!! Bravo Andre Aggasi!

Although Agassi is excited to introduce Box Buddies, which is available in 800 stores nationwide with plans of reaching another 1,200, he understands that it is hardly a cure-all for health issues such as childhood obesity, which is a big concern for parents today.  It’s not available in NYC yet but I was told that it is coming soon.

The Andre Agassi’s Box Budd!es line includes:

  • No-sugar-added apple sauce available in four varieties including unsweetened apple, strawberry apple, peachy apple and apple cinnamon.
  • Single-serve, shelf-stable milk is available in low fat, vanilla or chocolate
  • Two varieties of the granola bars – chocolate chip and chocolate.

Box Budd!es snacks are in many supermarkets across America including Albertson’s, Jewel, Acme, Farm Fresh and Cub Stores. For more information, visit


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