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Stop Reacting and Start Responding

Proactive Parenting

You’ve read parenting books — applied methods — and yet, misbehavior and outbursts are still occurring.  Proactive Parenting has a wonderful guide on how to Stop Reacting and Start Responding.

• You’re tired of the misbehavior, and having to yell to correct behavior
• You’ve tired of reacting when your child won’t cooperate
• You’re exhausted from the power struggles and need for frequent punishment
• You want it to make a change now!

They are here to help you Stop Reacting and Start Responding
Proactive Parenting Shares a Fresh Outlook on How to Change your Child’s Behavior

They provide the resources, tips and methods you’ll need to:

• Enforce boundaries calmly yet firmly, instead of constantly yelling and punishing
• Transform your conversations so you and your child remain connected, even in emotionally charged situations
• Make adjustments to corrections now to facilitate better behavior in the future

Each offering Proactive Parenting has teaches parents how to stop back talk and arguments, reduce power struggles and yelling, and uses teaching discipline in a way that allows you and your child to remain connected, even in emotionally charged situations. Our goal is to make your parenting life easier, less stressful, happier, and more like the dream you have for your family.


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