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Does motherhood Ends Friendships?


Becoming a mother is a profound and unique adventure. Motherhood is an experience unlike any other on earth. There is nothing as profound, nothing that will stretch you so far beyond anything you previously imagined. It is remarkably challenging, yet uniquely rewarding at the same time.  Ok now that I got that out…. 

When you become a mom, your life changes. Your views of life change, your thought processes change and your priorities change.  One thing that shouldn’t change when you become a mom is the importance of friendships. Unfortunately I seriously struggled with this as a new mom. Figuring out how my friendships should fit into my life after I became a mother was NOT easy for me.  I found myself gravitating towards my mom and sisters who have children more because I needed the advice.  But as my son gets older I notice that I need some mommy time that doesn’t revolve around nap conversations and play dates.  I have now realized that there can be a balance and that it is actually healthy to have a mixture of friends with and without kids as well as married and not married.


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