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Where do cheating wives shop? Why Banana Republic is the top destination for ‘busy women’ juggling work, family… and a man on the side


Stumbled upon this earlier this morning and found it funny!  If you are cheating why would you shop at a clothing store that sells business type clothing smdh….lol


Also, the site that did the survey specializes in helping people cheat on their significant others.  Their logo is “Life is short. Have an affair.”  They polled 52,390 female members of their website and were able to come up with a list of ten stores people shop at when they are cheating.

Cheating wives not only spend more on shopping than faithful ones, but they also tend to flock to certain stores – like Banana Republic, J Crew and Macy’s.

In a survey conducted by, a dating website specializing in extramarital affairs, the ten most popular stores for female adulterers also include Ann Taylor, H&M, and bebe.

And of the 52,390 female members of the website that were polled, more than a third admitted spending double on their appearance after straying from their other half – and 27per cent said they even have a secret credit card to fund their new purchases.  Source…



1. Banana Republic

2. J Crew

3. Macy’s

4. Ann Taylor

5. H&M

6. bebe

7. Lane Bryant

8. Chico’s

9. Lululemon

10. J C Penney

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