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Fabulous Event: Mommybites Summit!


On May 1st I attended one of the best summits ever!!!!  Mommy bites!  It was amazing to see all of the moms to be and moms in attendance.  It’s interesting how I transitioned from attending “Shecky’s girls night out” events to “Mommybites summits” lol.

The event consisted of:

shopping * free gifts * raffles * cocktails & mocktails

delicious treats * eyelash bar * photoshoot station

unclutter your life keynote talk * amazing gift bags

I was amazed to see how many vendors were there.  The keynote talked about how to unclutter your life, which was very helpful.  And let’s not forget the goodie bags that were packed to the brim with coupons, food and other great items 🙂

Here is a list of future events for Mommybites:

Mom Support Groups:*  (April sessions full, May 2013 calendar here)

 Babies’ Firsts (or Seconds or Thirds) Parties*

Free Online Events:***

Please note: our webinars and teleclasses do fill. Please do not hesitate to register if you’re interested.


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