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Product Review: BookLingual


BookLingual give’s your child the bilingual edge. A groundbreaking program which teaches language through reading. Your child will gain a love for reading; while mastering a new language.

I’ve been purchasing bilingual books for my son and this book series is another nice addition to our new Spanish-English collection. A great series of books for bedtime or any time! It’s also really nice that I read it in Spanish and then can read it in English because both are there on the page. My one year old’s attention span is still short but he shows more interest in this book than in other books, which is awesome.  The Parent’s guide is very helpful.  This program is perfect!

The series includes: Reading, Games and Problem solving.

Facts show that the younger children begin immersion in a foreign language, the better chance they have of mastering the language. And not only being able to speak the language, but be able to “sound” like a native speaker. Get your pre order now!

Also, a 5% portion of proceeds always goes to charities, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.



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