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Product Review: MorningStar Farms® veggie burgers

Disclaimer: As a BzzAgent with the website, I am asked to try, review, and spread the ‘bzz’ about certain products. These products are sent to me for free and this review is my honest, personal opinion.

The Super Bowl is approaching, so why not review one of the quintessential Super Bowl party foods by doing a veggie burger review?  I promise it won’t hurt lol.

MorningStar Burgers come in a box of four patties with two patties to an individually wrapped package within the box.

Taste-wise, these are pretty great for a veggie product.  Please note I am not a vegetarian.  They do have a bit of spice to them as the name would imply and although they are a bit chewy since they are made up of a paste of rice, beans, etc., it is not the kind of chewiness that is gross.  In fact, I would say that overall these are very appetizing and really do avoid the connotation that veggie products get in that they are flavorless and bland.  The spice in these burgers mixed with the myriad of veggies in the mix made this one that I was glad that I had two more patties in the box, because I’ll look forward to having these again.

MorningStar Burgers are delicious (if not a bit greasy. I just blot them with a paper towel a few times before eating), I absolutely love them!


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