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Get Organized: Debt Eliminiation

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Organized Mom has a great template and ideas on how to start reducing your debt. What a great way to start off the new year!

Gather all of your credit bills from the last month (if you are like me then just look all of them up online.) Then organize the bills by interest rate, highest to lowest interest rate. Now download the Sample Debt Elimination Schedule Fill it in with your information. Now what you will do is pay the minimum balance on all of your debt except for the one with the highest interest rate. That one you will throw ANY and ALL extra money you have laying around, until it is paid off completely. Then you will take the money you were paying towards that debt towards the next highest interest rate, and it will continue to decrease until all of your debt is eliminated! The excel sheet can help you see your balances
decrease and keep you motivated.

Organized Mom also has a great pdf on “How to Create Routines.”

Here is a snippet….

Setting Children’s Routines, Part II:

1-2 Year Olds Your infant is growing up! They are walking, talking, playing! It is so much fun to finally be able to really play with your child. Now that they aren’t sleeping most of the time, the routine needs to change. It is even more important at this age, when your child can’t communicate effectively yet, to stick to their routine. So what is the best way to figure out a routine for your little toddler? Again, you will start by the sleep schedule they naturally have fallen into. At this point, though, you can adjust it a bit to fit your schedule. Once you figure out the best time for you to have your child napping, make sure you put them down for their nap or naps (if you are lucky!), at that same time every day! Now find a bedtime that you can live with. Just as with the infant routine, the bedtime routine is essential for a happy bedtime. I haven’t changed Maddie’s bedtime routine since she was born, it still works. She takes a bath, brushes her teeth, puts on her pajamas, we say prayers, read a story and then she climbs right into bed. I encourage you to set a set routine of things you do at bedtime.



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