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Resolve To Overcome Your Sexual Shyness – Astroglide Giveaway

Astroglide Dr. Yvonne

Originally from Iceland, international sexologist, sex educator, author, relationship expert, advice columnist, and television and radio personality, Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright gave her first formal lecture on sex in the sixth grade, when she presented her classmates with a talk on the female reproductive system and sexual intercourse! This consciousness-raising, Scandinavian sex expert has been fueled by her passion for healthy, open discourse about sexuality ever since.

She has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show and NBC’s Today Show, held the resident “sexpert” column at and Women’s Health, and has contributed to a variety of mainstream media outlets worldwide. From hosting television specials to teaching at schools like the University of Pennsylvania and American University, she has been an active part of comprehensive sex education efforts for the last 15 years.


Some people say there are stages to sex after having children.  Below are some of the rumored stages.  Lol!

Stage one: The post-partum, Don’t-come-near-me- with- that- thing- ever- again-or-you- die stage.

Stage two: The well- okay- but -only- after-I-finish-doing-my-Kegels-and-no-laughing-if-my-boobs-leak stage.

Stage three: The Are- you- kidding- me-I’m-exhausted-stage.

Stage four: Your kid is two and starting to tyrannize your life and you briefly, or not so briefly find yourself in the mutual, or not so mutual Do-we-really- want-to-risk-making-another-one-of-those-stage.

With that said below are some tips that Dr. Yvonne provides to overcoming sexual shyness.  Some women after having a child do feel as if they don’t look or feel the way they did prior to having a child and that actually hold them back from being intimate with their partner these tips can definitely help you get back on the right track.  Feel free to Ask Dr.Yvonne: your own questions by clicking here.

Tip 1: Analyze what’s holding you back so that you have a good sense – vs. a general sense – of the barriers you need to overcome in claiming your sexual self and sex life.

Tip 2: Determine if your issues require extra assistance. If, for example, you’re shy about sex b/c of religious messages you received growing up or b/c you were violated, then working through such issues with a certified sex therapist or counselor will do you a world of good. (You can find one in your area at:

Tip 3: Boost your body image. For some, the biggest challenge to getting in a sexy state of mind and letting that be known is how a woman feels about her body. This also goes for those who seemingly have the “best” bodies. You can start feeling better about your form with regular exercise (as this has mental health perks as well), eating healthy meals, avoiding toxins, and shutting down negative self-talk. Do things that make you feel good about the skin you’re in, like yoga, getting a massage, or wearing clothes that feel like they were made for you.

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