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Kelsey Grammer denies driving without baby in car seat

Ughhhh are you serious Kelsey???  Looks like she is not in a car seat to me!

“Kelsey Grammer’s spokesperson has denied rumors that the Frasier star hit the road without strapping his daughter into a car seat.

The actor was recently photographed being driven around LAX airport by a chauffeur, but 4-month-old Faith appeared to simply be sitting on her mother Kayte Grammer’s lap.”


If the child is under 6 or weighs less than 60 pounds and is not in car seat, the fine is $100.00 for the first offense.

On a first offense, if you didn’t have a car seat because you were not able to afford one, the court has the option of waiving the fine and referring you to a program to help you get a car seat at a price you can afford.

On future offenses, the fine is still $100, but the court does not have the option of waving it.

If the unsecured child is over 6 or over 60 pounds and isn’t wearing a seat belt, the fine is $50.00 for the first offense and $100 for future offenses.


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