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What to do with leftover baby food

What to do with leftover fruit purees:

  • Defrost and spread on strips of bread or baby-safe crackers.
  • Pulse in a blender with plain yogurt, additional frozen fruit and a little water (or juice or milk, depending on age).
  • Mix with cottage cheese or yogurt.
  • Add to baked goods like breads or muffins (banana puree to banana bread, blueberry puree to blueberry muffins, peach puree to pancakes, etc.).
  • Use as a dipping sauce for teething biscuits, sliced bananas or other finger foods

What to do with leftover veggie purees:

  • Add to meatballs (carrots, peas and green beens work especially well).
  • Add to pasta sauces (again, smooth green veggies, carrots and squash go best).
  • Making hamburgers for you? Make baby-sized patties with veggies or lentils.
  • If your baby can grasp macaroni & cheese, add broccoli, cauliflower, or chickpeas.
  • Glaze or marinate baby’s chicken in squash or carrot purees before cooking.
  • Once your baby has tried eggs, add broccoli and shredded cheese to scrambled eggs, or to a frittata (along with other soft, diced veggies) cut into cubes.

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