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Product Review: Clio’s “Beary” Soft Lotion 12oz

Clio’s lotion is a truly unique formula that combines organic sunflower oil infused with a multitude of calming and healing organic herbs with shea butter, aloe and bees wax in a formula that is over 80% organic.

It calms sunburns, rashes, eczema and other skin irritations the natural and organic way. Moms love it as much as kids do! Reuse the bottles made of 100% recycled plastic for a truly sustainable bath time experience.

Most of our ingredients are locally sourced from organic farms in California and the Pacific Northwest. Those that are not produced locally come from Germany.


This lotion is the only thing I have found to work on my son’s dry patches.  I tried everything!  But nothing worked until I tried this. This lotion works wonders even on my skin!  I love the scent it is not over powering and it is not greasy!  I also love the fact that the ingredients are primarily organic.

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