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Product Review: Nuturme

Caroline Freedman had the idea for a better way to feed her little one when pregnant with NurturMe spokes-toddler Audrey. “I realized very little had changed since I was a baby getting pureed nutrition in thick glass containers.”

After sharing that notion with longtime friend Lauren McCullough over a plate of Polvo’s nachos, one of Austin’s notorious Mexican eateries, the two fed off each other’s complementary skill sets and got the ball rolling.

That led to a messy first run of dehydrating foods in the kitchen of Caroline’s downtown condo. Which quickly convinced them to seek assistance from drum- and freeze-drying experts in the organic farming community. It’s turned into a development partnership that’s still growing to this day.

Nearly two years later, NurturMe has come to fruition from humble beginnings as the brainchild of one modern mom and her culinary comrade in one of the ecological and earthy-cultural capitals of America: Austin, Texas. “This is a community committed to sustainability and filled with entrepreneurial thinkers. They’ve helped us every step of the way.”

Our Review:  Any of these NurturMe products are wonderful. My son loves them. They are great because they do not weigh much in your diaper bag and obviously don’t take up too much room. You can add either water, formula, or breast milk or even yogurt to your desired consistency. They are all natural.


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