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Happy Bday Ryan!!!

Today we celebrated Ryan’s 1st Bday!!!! A year went by so quickly!  The bib Ryan is wearing that everyone adored, it is the  Psychobaby Eat ’em Up Ice Cream Sundae Bib.  You can find their entire collection here.  The bib is so cute we didnt need to put a birthday hat on him 🙂

Underneath he had on the Cheeseburger t-shirt, which was equally adorable and very realistic (yum yum).  The quality of the bib and the t-shirt are very good.  The items were easily washed in a regular cycle and did not fray for shrink when dried.  These are definitely good quality items.

You can check out some of the pieces in the youtube video below.

You can also check out Psychobaby’s designs here.

Make sure to visit Psychobaby on Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter

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