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Product Review: It’s a Curl! Baby Hair Care Products

It’s A Curl – Complete Baby Twist & Twirl Kit
$45 Retail Value!

Complete with 1 of each It’s A Curl products delicately packaged in an organic silk organza bag. Peek A Boo Shampoo, Patty Cake Conditioner, Itsy Bitsy Spirals & Ring Around the Curlies Leave in Cream size: 4oz each Because discriminating mothers demand the best for their angel’s delicate curls, and “It’s A Curl” delivers!


  1. Shampoo – Peek A Boo Tearless Shampoo – tearless shampoo, gentle enough to use day 1! Shampoo your newborn’s hair 1x every week for the first 3-4 weeks.
  2. Condition – Patty Cake Conditioner – Begin conditioning with Patty Cake conditioner once your angel has enough hair to form curls…or as soon as the hair feels dry after shampooing alone. This varies depending on the texture of your angel’s hair. The average age to begin conditioning is 6-10 months. after shampoo. For older babies, it is a good idea to do a mid week conditioning rinse…rinse hair with warm water, apply an amount of Patty Cake conditioner comb through, rinse and proceed with styling, when baby gets hair dirty during the week.
  3. Moisturize/Detangle – Use our daily moisturizer, Itsy Bitsy Spirals Moisturizer to soften, hydrate and detangle your angel’s curls as soon as your angel get’s his or her first curl. NOTE: babies with baby fine, thin curls will be ok with just Itsy Bitsy Spiral Moisturizer
  4. Curl Cream – Ring Around the Curlies Leave in Cream – Use this only on the day you shampoo, and condition, after you moisturizer. On the other days, just refresh with Itsy Bitsy Spirals.  NOTE: to be introduced with the curls get more texture and require more than a liquid moisturizer.

Our Review:   Nothing but fabulous ringlets!  I love how this product made Ryan’s hair nice and curly.  After trying a plethora of products I was very pleased.  The shampoo does not strip moisture from the hair and the conditioner springs life into the curls.  My favorite product is the Ring Around the Curlies Leave in Cream .  It is not greasy or heavy and makes the comb out easy to do.

CURLS delivers exceptional curly hair care products for womengirls and babies across the US, Canada, UK, Brazil and other international markets. CURLS outshines the rest by offering customized hair care regimes, personalized hair care support, and live workshops on demand. For additional information visit


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