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Product Review: Better Life 2 A.M Miracle

Safety comes first – especially when it comes to our new borns! Turn nozzle to “ON” position, spray and wipe, and go back to sleep with peace of mind.

Product Features:

  • Safely cleans and deodorizes: cribs, changing tables, changing pads, car seats, highchairs, diaper pails, toys, walls, doors, mattresses, and makes a great pre-spotter for clothes and bibs
  • Quickly and easily eliminates unpleasant odors in a nursery or pet’s “special” spots with botanical deodorizer
  • Free of VOCs, alkyphenol surfactants, and petroleum
  • No Rinsing or Residue, just wipe clean
  • Not tested on animals
Perfect for the three P’s (poop, pee and puke), 2am miracle™ takes on everything  your wee one dishes out. Any-surface safe (cribs, changing tables, etc.) with essential oils for natural cleansing and aromatherapy properties.

My Review:  I love it! It cleans really, really well on everything from the changing table to the kitchen sink to the high chair, and it has a natural scent that is pleasant. I recently used it to clean up baby food (sweet potatoes) that got on Ryan’s rocker.  The stains were cleaned immediately without stripping the color.  I love the fact that there are no toxic chemicals included in this product.  I will definitely add this to my list of must haves!

In regards to their shipping utilizes biodegradable bubble mailers and tape, recycled-content and reused boxes and print on sugar cane paper. In terms of time, they ship within three days of the order; however, often times, the shipment is on it’s way much sooner than that. They offer shipping through USPS and UPS with various options for delivery time sensitivity.

You can purchase this miracle at my where if you buy in bulk you save.  Current price is $6.99.

About myFootprint™:
myFootprint™ was established out of a vision for a more transparent and localized world of commerce. We specialize in researching to find the best sustainable products, screening them through our “footprint analysis” rating system, and offering them to the digital marketplace. In our store, shoppers can easily find the true global impact (including production, use, end-of-life, and social concerns) of there purchases.

Currently, we are developing a program called “localXchange™” in which shoppers are rewarded for local action. If a customer purchases from a seller (of handmade goods) that is within 750 miles of them, they receive a free gift card to our site!


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