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Tylenol Before Vaccination Shots: Is it Okay?

According to a study last year put out by a British Medical Journal, giving babies Tylenol (or other acetaminophen products) before their scheduled vaccines isn’t the best idea as it can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine itself.

If you feel strongly about minimizing your child’s discomfort, you can talk to your doctor about a cream called EMLA. EMLA is a topical anesthetic that you apply about an hour before the shot is administered. You’ll need a prescription from your doctor to buy the cream, and an approximate time when the shot(s) will be given so you’ll know when to apply it.

Last time my son had to have shots the nurse had me hold him so he was sitting on my lap instead of holding him down in a laying position on the table. Since he was sitting on my lap during the shot, he was more calm than ever and he didn’t even cry until we were out in the car (20 minutes later). It helped me alot and that’s the only way that I’m going to hold him from now on

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