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Paula Patton: Losing Baby Weight ‘One Of The Hardest Things I’ve Done.’

Actress Paula Patton successfully thwarted terrorists in the latest “Mission: Impossible” film, but the real impossible mission, she says, was losing the weight she gained while pregnant with her son, Julian Fuego, just five months before the movie was shot.

Patton called the feat “crazy,” in fact, in an interview with PEOPLE magazine at the launch of Reebok Crossfit Sport of Fitness campaign in New York. “It was really the most grueling and one of the hardest things I’ve done,” she said.

While she now works out for one hour five days a week, doing activities such as running, weight training, Pilates and yoga with her husband, singer Robin Thicke, she was on a much more intense regimen during filming that included two and half hours of training, six days a week.

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